Why Dragon Fruit Farming Needs Shading & Trellising System

July 24, 2022

Dragon Fruit farming is becoming very popular & profitable in the recent time.

The fruit has high market demand due to its numerous health benefits.

The plant is a climbing cactus and therefore its heavy vines need to be trained on formidable support system for easy stimulation of budding, effective pollination, fruiting and harvesting.

Aside from the advantages that a good Shading with Trellising System provides and also has a high impact on fruit production.

The modern Shading & Trellising System has the following advantages


• High Density Plantation

• Protect Plants from Direct Sunlight

• Distribute light evenly across the crop field

• Prevent sunburn on fruits

• Shading improve fruit quality through increased fresh weight

• Ensure light use efficiency

• Enhance pulp yield and pulp firmness

• The system allows for precision management practices.

• Produces more yield about three times more than the conventional methods

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