Tomato Cultivation & Shade Net House

December 29, 2022


Tomato is an important Vegetable in almost every diet because of its antioxidant lycopene property that helps prevent cardio related diseases & cancer.

Growing Tomatoes as a Farmer, can be very rewarding, however, the crop is very fragile & therefore requires maximum technical approach & an ideal environmental condition to achieve quality & high yield.

Hitherto, conventional Open Field Cultivation of Tomatoes used to be the practice for many smallholder Farmers but is however, heavily characterized by lower yield, rampant pest & disease infestation, fruit scalding, crop damage by frost, high temperature etc.

Shade Net House intervention

Providing Shade Net House for Tomato Cultivation can be the best & safest crop protection strategy for your farm. It comes with many benefits.

Firstly, Tomatoes require efficient energy balance to maintain healthy & successful crop establishment. The amount of light entering the Shade Net House should be properly regulated & distributed across the crop canopy. Shade Net is able to reflect the incoming solar radiation which consequently reduces the temperature at ground level. The even distribution of scattered light improves light use efficiency, improves yield & fruit quality.

Additionally, because the Shade Net is UV stabilized, harmful light rays are screened from reaching the plants. Furthermore, it also reduces internal heat waves, induces flowering, regulates humidity levels, & protects the plants from frost, heavy rains, stormy winds, insect & other pests.

Finally, Shade Net Houses have been proven to increase yield of Tomatoes about 3 to 4 times more than Open Field Cultivation. Shade Net provides Tomatoes with modified microenvironment & a suitable crop-soil environment that supports agri-input use efficiency. For maximum yield & income from Tomato Farming, consider growing under Shade Net House.

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