Scope in Commercial Agriculture – Shade Net House

June 12, 2020

Shade Net is a lightweight knitted polyethylene fabric that protects plants from the heavy sunlight.

Shade Net is available in shading range from 35% to 90% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants & crops.

Shade Net is rot & mildew resistant, does not become brittle & is water permeable.

It offers superior ventilation, cuts the amount of sunlight, improves light diffusion & keeps Shade Houses cooler.

Air can enter & exit anywhere from the Shade Net Structure.

As a result, Shade Net can help to lower energy costs by reducing the need to run the air circulation fan as often in the warmer months.

Also it protects the plants from winter strokes & injuries.

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Baby plants (Green Chilli) are coming out.

Perfect method for Commercial Agriculture – Shade Net House