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Our versatile product range is engineered for a superior agronomic environment allowing growers to reduce requirement of labour, while optimising yield and quality.

Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House

Skeletal structure is framed with GI Wire Ropes and Pipes. Most suitable for better production at Summer and in Hot & Dry conditions. Covering is UV stabilized and provides absolute control against environmental factors. Suitable for production of Vegetables, Fruits, Raising & Hardening the Nursery/Tissue plants etc.

Flat Roof Shade Net House (Pipe Structure)

Made entirely with GI Pipes & Accessories. The structure is prefabricated which makes it easy to be assembled and dissembled and allows for addition of extra roof layers. Self-ventilated and excellent sunlight intensity control. Supports all manner of regular Fruits and Vegetables.

Dome Shape Shade Net House (Pipe Structure)

It is covered with Shade Nets and it has dome roof. The structure is easy to be installed and maintained. Protects crops from Wind, Hot Weather, Insects, Pests, Diseases etc. Suitable for farming of various vegetable as well as plant hardening for crops like Capsicum, Tomato, Banana, Papaya etc.

Retractable Flat Roof Shade Net House

Made from GI Pipes, flexible glazing with supporting cables. Suitable for protecting fruit orchards for growing light sensitive crops. Conveniently regulates sunlight and temperature. Suitable for protecting crops from sun burning and seasonal problems. Allows maximum sunlight when needed.

Orchards Flat Roof Shade Net House

Useful to cover the big orchards of fruits like Orange, Mango etc. Protects crops from High Temperature, Winter Injuries, Birds etc. Provide the appropriate shading to the crop for efficient growing. It is flat roof & can take up to 6 meter in height.

“A” Roof Shade Net House (Anti-Rain)

This structure is Anti-rain and suitable for regions with high rainfall amounts. Protects from rain fall, frosts etc. This kind of structure is very suitable for crops like Cherry, Cannabis etc. Places where precipitation amount is high, ‘A’ roof designs perform better. The cladding material allows for adequate air circulation for optimum environmental control factors.

Poly Net House (Anti-Rain)

Hybrid Structure of Poly House & Shade Net House. This structure is suitable for protecting crops from rain fall, hails etc. Create conducive microclimate for vegetables and baby plants. Naturally ventilated design suitable for Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers like Gerbera, Dutch rose, etc. It is comparatively lower in cost than the Poly House structures.

Poly House (Naturally Ventilated) (Anti-Rain)

Useful for cold & heavy rain fall regions. This structure is suitable for the cultivation of crops like Gerbera, roses etc. It provides good microclimate control systems. It has high wind resistance and crop load bearing capacity.

Fan-Pad Poly House (Forced Ventilated) (Anti-Rain)

Suitable for Tissue culture lab, cultivation of exotic vegetables & leafy. Allows for second layer sliding roof for optimum control of temperature, sunlight and humidity. Fan and pad create suitable conditions. Strong capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Poly Tunnel House (Single Span) (Anti-Rain)

Suitable for hilly, mountainous, snow & cold climate areas as well as desert places. Useful to grow low height & leafy vegetables and flowers such as Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and Gladiolous. Allows for maximum internal air circulation while maintaining steady temperature and humidity Vertical development is possible with this design with horticultural crops using technologies such as aeroponics and hydroponics.

Poly Tunnel House (Multi Span) (Anti-Rain)

This design best protects crops from frost, rain, snow and extreme weather conditions The structure allows for vertical development for leafy vegetables, fruits and exotic flowers by incorporating precision farming technology. For all places with extreme climates, polytunnels are useful.

Shade Net House with Trellising System for Dragon Fruit (High Density Plantation)

This modern innovative structure is designed purposely for dragon fruit orchards to provide wide range of shading. Accommodates higher plant density of about 3 times the conventional method while reducing overcrowding Protects the fruits against wind and rain damage and scorchy sunlight Structure materials are durable and long-lasting to provide strong support system for heavy crop load.

“A” Roof Shade Net House (Anti-Rain) for Grape & Cherry

Custom-designed for maximum protection against rain, frost, snow, wind etc. for grapes and cherry Excellent shading capacity allowing for even distribution of light for efficient plant growth and development. Highly recommended for places with frequent rainfall and many sunshine days per annum

“A” Roof Shade Net House (Anti-Hail) with Trellising System for Apple (High Density Plantation)

This structure is specially designed for hail-prone apple orchard regions Very ideal for high density apple cultivation by potting Robust structure that bears heavy crop load under durable and long-lasting materials Allows for precision agriculture technology

Agronomy Services

We believe the success of every project is linked to in-depth knowledge of integrated, holistic perspective and data backed decision-making ability into crop-soil-environment dynamics. We strive to achieve value at all levels of the crop production chain.