Part 3 – Banana Cultivation under Shade Net House

November 18, 2021

The main differences between the two cultivation systems (Open Fields & Shade Net Houses) are the yield & the number of days from shooting to harvest.

In a study comparing Banana growing in Open Fields and in Shade Net Houses conducted, the average bunch weight was 27 kg & 40 kg respectively.

The average time from shooting to harvest was 153 days in Open Fields, compared to 128 days in Shade Net Houses.

In the Open Fields, the mean yearly minimum & maximum temperature were 16 & 26°C, compared to 15 & 33°C in the Shade Net Houses & relative humidity were 47 & 82%, compared to 54 & 88% in the Shade Net Houses.

In summer, Shade Net protects the plants & fruits from sunburn damage.

As I mentioned earlier in my previous articles that we have made a Shade Net House for Banana Cultivation in West Africa & now you can see the present condition of crop in this video.

This video was captured on 11th November 2021 & Client was very happy & said, soon we will have harvesting.

Plants are telling the difference.

This is what Shade Net House can do.