Shade Net Covered Structures

Wire Rope Flat Roof Shade Net House

Skeletal structure is framed with GI Wire Ropes and Pipes. Most suitable for better production at Summer and in Hot & Dry conditions. Covering is UV stabilized and provides absolute control against environmental factors. Suitable for production of Vegetables, Fruits, Raising & Hardening the Nursery/Tissue plants etc.

Flat Roof Shade Net House (Pipe Structure)

Made entirely with GI Pipes & Accessories. The structure is prefabricated which makes it easy to be assembled and dissembled and allows for addition of extra roof layers. Self-ventilated and excellent sunlight intensity control. Supports all manner of regular Fruits and Vegetables.

Dome Shape Shade Net House (Pipe Structure)

It is covered with Shade Nets and it has dome roof. The structure is easy to be installed and maintained. Protects crops from Wind, Hot Weather, Insects, Pests, Diseases etc. Suitable for farming of various vegetable as well as plant hardening for crops like Capsicum, Tomato, Banana, Papaya etc.

Retractable Flat Roof Shade Net House

Made from GI Pipes, flexible glazing with supporting cables. Suitable for protecting fruit orchards for growing light sensitive crops. Conveniently regulates sunlight and temperature. Suitable for protecting crops from sun burning and seasonal problems. Allows maximum sunlight when needed.