Plastic Film Covered Structures

Poly House (Naturally Ventilated) (Anti-Rain)

Useful for cold & heavy rain fall regions. This structure is suitable for the cultivation of crops like Gerbera, roses etc. It provides good microclimate control systems. It has high wind resistance and crop load bearing capacity.

Fan-Pad Poly House (Forced Ventilated) (Anti-Rain)

Suitable for Tissue culture lab, cultivation of exotic vegetables & leafy. Allows for second layer sliding roof for optimum control of temperature, sunlight and humidity. Fan and pad create suitable conditions. Strong capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Poly Tunnel House (Single Span) (Anti-Rain)

Suitable for hilly, mountainous, snow & cold climate areas as well as desert places. Useful to grow low height & leafy vegetables and flowers such as Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and Gladiolous. Allows for maximum internal air circulation while maintaining steady temperature and humidity Vertical development is possible with this design with horticultural crops using technologies such as aeroponics and hydroponics.

Poly Tunnel House (Multi Span) (Anti-Rain)

This design best protects crops from frost, rain, snow and extreme weather conditions The structure allows for vertical development for leafy vegetables, fruits and exotic flowers by incorporating precision farming technology. For all places with extreme climates, polytunnels are useful.