Fruit Orchards Protection Systems

Orchards Flat Roof Shade Net House

Useful to cover the big orchards of fruits like Banana, Mango etc. Protects crops from High Temperature, Winter Injuries, Birds etc. Provide the appropriate shading to the crop for efficient growing. It is flat roof & can take up to 6 meter in height.

Shade Net House with Trellising System for Dragon Fruit (High Density Plantation)

This modern innovative structure is designed purposely for dragon fruit orchards to provide wide range of shading. Accommodates higher plant density of about 3 times the conventional method while reducing overcrowding Protects the fruits against wind and rain damage and scorchy sunlight Structure materials are durable and long-lasting to provide strong support system for heavy crop load.

“A” Roof Shade Net House (Anti-Rain) for Grape & Cherry

Custom-designed for maximum protection against rain, frost, snow, wind etc. for grapes and cherry Excellent shading capacity allowing for even distribution of light for efficient plant growth and development. Highly recommended for places with frequent rainfall and many sunshine days per annum

“A” Roof Shade Net House (Anti-Hail) with Trellising System for Apple (High Density Plantation)

This structure is specially designed for hail-prone apple orchard regions Very ideal for high density apple cultivation by potting Robust structure that bears heavy crop load under durable and long-lasting materials Allows for precision agriculture technology