Innovation and Technology for
Robust, Durable and Long-Lasting
Protected Cultivation solutions

Our Net Houses Help Millions of Farmers and Growers
Build a Better World

Our purpose is to be the most efficient enablers for Controlled Environment Agricultural
transformation by providing solutions that last long and are of the highest quality to
increase productivity while reducing environmental footprints.

Our Technology Amplifies the Durability of our Products

Our Net Houses and Polytunnels last longer. Much longer. Designed for performance and durability, they can handle extreme stress levels and have the capability to withstand high wind pressure, especially in difficult weather conditions. Our installations are helping to protect crops while extending growing seasons for growers all across the world.

About us

IG Aatreyas is a joint venture between IG International, one of the largest importers of fresh fruits in India for more than 50 years, and Aatreyas Agro, a leading provider of protected cultivation solutions in India and overseas.

IG Aatreyas is our futuristic venture to offer a durable range of agro engineering solutions that are suitable for every crop and climatic conditions —to millions of farmers and growers.

IG Aatreyas brings immense experience in CEA agriculture and extensive agronomic knowledge, that would enable farmers to grow fresh produce year-round in any climate, improving productivity and profit.

This joint venture is envisioned to help in accelerating the transition to sustainable food and agriculture which ensures food security, create economic and social opportunities, and protects the ecosystem on which agriculture depends.

More Than 4 Million Sq. Mtrs. of Protected Cultivation Projects in India and Overseas in Less Than Two Years

Our Key Expertise and Strength

  • Project conceptualization and viability analysis
  • Crop based highly durable structure designing
  • Professional workmanship
  • In-depth knowledge and ground-level experience in under-cover and CEA practices
  • Sophisticated agriculture market linkages

Our Capabilities

Our net houses and tunnels are great sturdy solutions for heavy weather in protecting crops.
We deploy innovation and technology that improves the durability and overall life of our structures, thus reducing the waste of resources by minimizing the need for replacements.

Our manufacturing expertise lies in selecting the very best raw materials and the very best
structural engineering designs to withstand high wind speed, high temperature, and other
extreme weather incidences, making our installations durable and long-lasting.

Our engineers test products to ensure endurance that exceeds expectations
and outperforms competitive products in the marketplace.

Our Value Chain

Business Model & Strategy

IG Aatreyas consistently and continually focuses on driving and maintaining excellence in its operations through a relentless drive for improvement in process, product, and people.

Sustainable Agriculture

With more than fifty years of experience in Agri & fruit business, we understand the finite nature of natural resources and strive to uphold responsible agricultural and growing practices.

Choose from over a wide range of Net House solutions

Minimize Risk Maximize Yield




Our Net Houses are protected place where you can control environmental factors for optimal plant growth.

Benefits of Our Net Houses

Uniform distribution of light inside the net house. Our net houses have the ability to change the direction of the Sun’s rays and evenly distribute over the entire surface.

  • Control microclimate.
  • Protection against diseases, pests, and other vermin.
  • Prevents crops from exposure to UV rays.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Optimum covering against rain and wind.
    Increase production of crops.
  • Production off-season and round-the-year supply.
  • Production in regions with adverse weather.
  • Optimizes the usage of other technologies.
    Durable. Lasts longer than others.

Turnkey projects that last longer than others




THE EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM of our different interdisciplinary departments allow us to offer
our customers turnkey projects, suited to every region, climate, and crop with enhanced durability.

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