High Density Apple Cultivation with Trellising Support System and Shade Netting Protection Systems

January 23, 2023

Apple orchards have been marked as good income generating farming business. Profitability is however dependent on the production technology, quality inputs and management. To achieve High Density Apple Crop Establishment, innovation and technology underpin the results that erupts from efficient resource use and risk aversion.

Apple is a climate sensitive tree crop and so suffers greatly from the impacts of global warming. Shade Netting Protection Systems are designed to avert challenges like wide weather extremities such as temperature extremities, hail storm and heavy storms while ensuring improved yield and quality of marketable fruits.

The ingenuity and potentials of Shade Netting Protection Systems for improved Apple Cultivation is built on the principle of netting material type, shading percentage and prevailing weather conditions. The structural technique could be fashioned to be hail proof & high density plantation supportive. Photo selective property, which is inbuilt in netting material, plays a huge role on Weather Parametric Regulations.

Shade Netting Protection Systems have helped Apple Growers in many ways. A properly designed and functioning system will allow for the following;

1. Increase Plant Population Density

2. Prevent damages by Hailstorm and Temperature variations.

3. Minimize effects of High Temperature incidences

4. Modify and produce a more temperate microclimate

5. Ensure availability of Water in the Crop Field

6. Prevent Fruit cracking

7. Reduce Pesticide application

8. Reduce Flower and Fruit drop events

9. Prevent invasion of Pests (insects, rodents etc.)

10. Early Fruiting

11. Increase Yield

12. Improve Quality and Nutrition Values

In conclusion, as the effects of climate change looms, a smarter technological approach to growing crop sustainably will save the future of Food Security in the long run. Embracing Shade Netting Protection System can increase farmer profitability, improve yield and guarantee environmental safety.

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