Growing Cabbage Under Shade Net House

June 2, 2022

Protected cultivation technology is solving major problems in vegetable production that farmers/growers are facing in open field cultivation.

Shade net house is offering a much convenient option to produce the vegetables in a low-tech yet low cost structures that yields desired results.

These are the benefits you can reap from growing Cabbage in Shade Net House:

•Off-Season Growing of Cabbage

•High Density Plantation

•Healthy Plant Growth and Development

•Prevent Sun Scorching by Direct Sunlight

•Efficient Use of Agri-inputs

•Prevent Pest and Disease Attack

•Uniform Growth of Plant and Fruits

•Higher Yield

•Higher Income Compared to Open Field Cultivation

•Reduced Risk of Damage

If you have a crop type you want to cultivate in a particular location under protected structures, feel free to contact us for expert advice.