Cherry Orchard With Protection System

February 28, 2023

Cherry is an edible Fruit belonging to the genus Prunes, in the family of Rose. They belong to the category of small Stone Fruits with different flavors and color depends on the type. The two main types are Sour Cherry and Sweet Cherry. The first type of Cherries is used in commercial products while the Sweet Cherries are consuming mostly as fresh.

Spring and Summer Rain will bring Cherry Fruit cracking. This usually makes them unsaleable. This happens when Cherry Fruits will reach the ripening stage and you can see free water in the Fruits. Raining for several days will bring fractures on the outer part of the Fruit. The problem can get even worse if the cracking goes deeper on the Fruit flesh. Fruit splitting will eventually happen if the Rain does not stop for a long time.

In the Cherry Orchards, one of the biggest problems Farmers face is the cracking of fully ripen Fruits. The Cherry Rain Protection System will protect your Orchard from Fruit damages caused by Rain. This System will save your Fruits from losing their commercial value. Cherries grown under Rain Protected System don’t incur the high sorting costs at the warehouses as Cherries that have been exposed to rain. Good Fruit saves a lot of money in sorting.

Rain Protection System have other benefits unrelated to Rain. For example, by keeping the Orchard dry, a Rain Protection System can minimize the need to spray for Brown Rot during Bloom. The Humidity underneath a Rain Protection System can be slightly higher than outside, but not high enough to be a problem.

The benefits of Rain Protection System are mentioned below.

  • Eliminate Fruit Cracking
  • Protection from Spring Frost
  • Early Ripening for High and Premium Fruit Prices
  • Avoid Pest and Disease Attacks
  • Protection from Hail
  • Protection from Wind Storms
  • Create a Conducive Microclimate
  • Reduce Pesticide and Insecticide usage
  • Achieve required Chill Units
  • Fixed and Retractable Rain Covering
  • Break Dormancy
  • High Density Plantation
  • Increased Yield
  • Uniform Fruit Ripening due to better Light Interception

A Rain Protected Cherry Orchard is a Green Gold Field. It is proven to generate a high return on investment.

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