Why Dragon Fruit Farming Needs Shading & Trellising System

Dragon Fruit farming is becoming very popular & profitable in the recent time. The fruit has high market demand due to its numerous health benefits. The plant is a climbing cactus and therefore its heavy vines need to be trained on formidable support system for easy stimulation of budding, effective pollination, fruiting and harvesting. Aside […]

AGRITECHNICA ASIA in Bangkok, Thailand, May 2022

We paid a visit to AGRITECHNICA ASIA in Bangkok, Thailand, May 2022 edition. Thailand has a well-established agricultural #ecosystem. We had the opportunity to meet astounding companies and start-ups who are making the #agriculture sector more attractive to #investors. We hope to contribute to providing lasting #solutions to challenges facing the agri sector in Thailand […]

Post-Entry Quarantine Facility

As part of the regulations for importing into India, importers of plants and planting materials are required to set up quarantine facility(ies) to monitor any entry of foreign pests into the country. The Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage (NPPO) sets up Inspection Authorities (IAs) to ensure that the facility is of utmost standard […]

Growing Cabbage Under Shade Net House

Protected cultivation technology is solving major problems in vegetable production that farmers/growers are facing in open field cultivation. Shade net house is offering a much convenient option to produce the vegetables in a low-tech yet low cost structures that yields desired results. These are the benefits you can reap from growing Cabbage in Shade Net […]

Why Banana needs to be cultivated under Shade Net House

Cultivating Banana under Shade Net House will save you from many avoidable problems that Open Field cultivation wouldn’t. Aside achieving a lower cost of production, the following are the benefits of cultivating Banana under Shade Net House. High Density Plantation Suitable Microclimate Rapid and Robust Growth & Development Reduce Water Usage Effective Use of Valuable […]

Protected Farming / Cultivation, a solution to Food Crisis

Protected cultivation could be the solution to present and future food crisis. Our security tomorrow depends on what we are doing today. Plug into the world of Protected Cultivation Protect your valuable crops Produce more food Make more profits Reduce risk Manage resources efficiently Have total control over your domain Contact & visit us for […]

Nursery Management under Protected Structure

Nursery Management is the #foundation for a #successful #vegetable #production system. No doubt. The #type & #quality of #seed notwithstanding. #Healthy #seedlings will ultimately thrive in a conducive #environment to produce healthy #flowers & subsequently premium #fruits for #premium #prices. But how does it #work? It works better with a #controlled environment. Seedlings are #tender […]

Land Preparation Techniques

Setting a stage for well established plants starts with proper land preparation methods. Effective soil management strategies comes with enormous benefits In controlled environment agriculture every line of activity has high impact on crop success, in that, it is treated differently from field soil. As such ensuring a balanced control of soil properties will imrpove […]

Increase your Cucumber yield with Protected Cultivation

Increase your cucumber yield with protected cultivation Cucumber has the potential to increase exponentially. Yes, it does. But when it is put under optimum condition. Cucumber is highly responsive to temperature, humidity, light intensity etc. Growing cucumber in the open field makes the plant vulnerable, & inability to maximize yield. Infact cucumber in the open […]

Double Layer Roof Shade Net House

Double Roof Shade Net Houses provide a natural environment for plant growth when the outdoor weather is suitable & an artificial environment when it is too hot or cold. Opening the roof over the plants increases light intensity which can help to control the growth habit, flowering and crop timing. It also reduces electricity costs […]