Benefits of Sticky traps in Protected Cultivation

September 11, 2022

Sticky traps are useful in the IPM system as a mechanical method to control pests.

Sticky traps operate on the principle of pests being attracted to bright colors.

Mostly used bright colors are bright blue and yellow. Thrips are highly attracted to bright blue color; blue sticky traps can be set up every 2–3 m2 or according to requirements in a protected facility for effective control. Most pests are however more attracted to yellow cards.

Sticky traps are beneficial in the following ways;

– Suppress population of pests

– Cost Effective and Eco-friendly Pest Control Method

– Effective control of mites, aphids, whiteflies, leafminers etc.

– Help Monitor the arrival of parasitoids

– Help Reduce Excessive Use of Pesticides

– Help to determine action threshold

– Useful for Early Detection of Pests

– Locate Centers of pest Infestation

– Monitor intrusion if foreign pests

– Ensure clean and healthy plant growth

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