Agriculture Problems and Solution by Shade Nethouse

June 6, 2020

Stealing of farm produce is a big problem in most regions in Africa & that can be minimized by the use of SNH.

Would-be thieves cannot know when the vegetables are ripe & ready for harvesting. The need for pesticides is thus reduced, which lowers costs & risk of harmful residues on the crop. As a result of this, a higher quality product is possible.

For consistent quality, good agricultural practices such as optimal plant population, irrigation, plant nutrition & vigilant crop protection. Pictures are showing the progress of the installation work of SNH in 24,000 square meters near Mumbai.

Superb & fabulous job done by our team! Hats off!!! It will be live soon. This is what we do… Project Planning, Installations, Consultations, Farm Management & many more things. *SNH – Shade Net House